Originally ordered 3 lamps showing in stock, 24 hrs later I got an email stating I have to wait from 20 to 60 days for my order to be completed due items unavailable, immediately I called them to cancel order rep said on the phone everything is ok I would get a full refund within 24 hrs, called them back 4 days later due to no refund issued, no chat available, people rude on the phone they were trying to buy some time and make me responsible for some items said order was not canceled and I would have to pay shipping + restocking fees, cust rep hung up phone on my face when requested to speak with manager or supervisor, finally after a week got full refund on items that were offered without availability and the stress and humiliation of dealing with a couple of jerks over the phone, I don't recommend this sites and their affiliates READ ALL REVIEWS CAREFULLY!! before wasting your time and energy with shady practices

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